Curating the Ultimate Board Game Library for Your Cottage Resort

Curating the Ultimate Board Game Library for Your Cottage Resort

Creating a Game Library Wonderland: Organizing and Navigating

Welcome to the wonderful, and occasionally bewildering, world of curating and categorizing board games for your cottage resort library! Who knew that just trying to help your guests find the perfect game would be an adventure in itself? But don’t worry – we’re here with a lighthearted approach to help you sort out your collection of 300+ games using simple color-coded stickers and a savvy system that caters to casual players and board game aficionados alike. Stick with us (get it? Stick…stickers?), and we’ll help you create an impressive and easily navigable game library for your Ontario cottage resort.

Game Library

Game Library Delights: Unpacking Categories and Expanding Options

So let’s start by unpacking your proposed categories, and consider some alternatives and additions to ensure your guests can quickly find a game that suits their mood and player preferences.

  • Children’s/Classic Family
  • Party Games
  • Adult themed (why not go for NSFW?)
  • 2-Player
  • Co-operative
  • Worker Placement
  • Deck Building
  • Area Control
  • Secretly Identity
  • Combat

While these categories may be familiar and helpful to experienced gamers, we want to make sure that our game library is accessible and appealing to folks just dipping their toes in the board game waters, too. But never fear – we’ve got some simple tricks and suggestions up our sleeves to make your library’s system more accessible for everyone.

Embracing the Mind and Skill

First up, let’s talk about adding an “Abstract” category for games like Chess, Go, and Hive, which are more about strategic thinking and elegant design than thematic elements or specific gameplay mechanics. Likewise, adding a “Dexterity” category for games like Super Rhino Hero and Ice Cool can help newcomers get their hands on something that’s immediately approachable and enjoyable – literally!

Embracing the Mind and Skill

Game Complexity Unveiled

Also, consider using a rating system of sorts, with stickers indicating a game’s level of complexity and the estimated time it takes to play. This will help your guests quickly determine whether they’re in for a light and breezy game night or a more intricate, epic battle of the minds. Think “green circle” for easy games, “blue square” for medium difficulty, and “black diamond” for those gaming gladiators seeking a true challenge.


Beyond the Shelves: Enhancing Game Exploration

On top of these visual cues, how about a binder that offers brief summaries of each game, as well as helpful info like the number of players, game length, and any additional categories it might fit into? That way, your guests can peruse the possibilities at their leisure, away from the pressures of the game library shelves. To take it a step further (and a tad tech-savvy), curate a YouTube playlist of “how to play” videos and provide a QR code for your guests to access them. Your guests will be gaming gurus in no time!

Preserving the Fun

Now, while we’re on the topic of making this library as user-friendly as possible, let’s chat a bit about the dreaded issue of lost pieces. As anyone who’s ever torn their hair out trying to locate that one crucial Monopoly hotel knows, keeping board games complete and in good shape can be a challenge. But with some preventative measures and trust in your guests, you’ll be well on your way to minimizing those frustrating situations. Maybe even add a friendly reminder inside each game box to keep an eye out for errant pieces and help ensure the fun continues for future players.

Expanding Horizons

Speaking of enhancing the experience, how about including a list of recommendations or “if you liked this game, try ___” suggestions in the game boxes or binder? These expert tips can introduce guests to new games and genres they may never have considered before, as well as help guide them towards games they’ll enjoy based on the ones they already love.

Power of the Gaming Community

Last but not least, don’t forget to reach out to the online gaming community (just like you’re doing here!) for helpful hints, game suggestions, category feedback, and moral support on your quest to create the ultimate board game library. Your fellow gaming enthusiasts can not only offer their expertise but just might be future guests of your lovely Ontario cottage resort. And who doesn’t love connecting with fellow gamers over a weekend of board game bliss?

Key Takeaways

We hope these ideas have eased the process of turning your impressive game collection into a navigable library for all your guests, regardless of their gaming experience. Happy categorizing, sticker-sticking, and, of course, gaming! And who knows – maybe someday we’ll be right there with you, sipping on a cool beverage and enjoying a game or two in your peaceful Ontario retreat.

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