Board Game Kickstarters: Unraveling the Chaos, Scams, and Broken Dreams

Board Game Kickstarters: Unraveling the Chaos, Scams, and Broken Dreams

The Wild, Weird, and Downright Crazy World of Board Game Kickstarters: A Cautionary Tale

Let me tell you a story about a fantastical world called Kickstarter, where unrealistic promises are made, rainbow-pooping unicorns frolic, and excitement turns into bitter disappointment for unsuspecting backers. It seems like the ultimate win-win scenario: You help fund a cool board game, the creators make magic happen, and everyone goes home happy…until they don’t. It’s a complicated, nail-biting, and often comedic drama, and I’ll take you on a thrilling journey to show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Hold onto your hearts, folks, as I’m about to expose the seedy underbelly of Kickstarter scandals and pitfalls. Though many projects are legitimate, this world is riddled with shady characters, broken dreams, and dumpster fires. Allow me to guide you on this rollercoaster ride, and may we emerge on the other side, both wiser and—hopefully—laughing.

The $695 Board Game

Let’s dive straight into the deep end with the infamous 6: Siege, a project by Mythic Games garnering over $450 from many a hopeful backer. Imagine having footed the bill only to be slapped with an additional $249 charge before receiving the game. Who do they think we are, Monopoly Man?

Monopoly man

While cost overruns are an annoying but understandable reality, there must be limits. Holding games hostage until backers cough up more dough? Absolutely bonkers and sketchier than a poorly-drawn stick figure. Constant excuses involving wars, pandemics, and financial mismanagement resemble the tall tales of an overeager six-year-old rather than a respectable business.

The Ponzi Scheme

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once a source of envy for their elaborate and ambitious projects, Mythic Games now seems to operate more like a Ponzi scheme. Suspicion falls on the mismanagement of funds meant for their tabletop creations. They should be swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, but instead, they want to hold our games for ransom.

The ponzi scheme

With over 30 projects backed during the pandemic, one must wonder how this particular company stands out in such a negative light. Have they grossly miscalculated the numbers? Or are they building a diamond-encrusted swan toaster for their CEO with our hard-earned money? The plot thickens.

The Darkest of Dungeons

Ah, the Darkest Dungeon. A grim, unforgiving land where brave adventurers battle both literal and mental monsters to claim treasure and glory. And a project by Mythic that experienced the same overcharging kerfuffle as its 6: Siege brethren. Charging $29 extra for shipping sparked a wave of disgruntled backers donning their pitchforks and torches, threatening to storm the Mythic castle.

Darkest of dungeons

Is this the beginning of the end for Mythic? One can only speculate as they take their chances in the board game Kickstarter jungle.

The Sad, Sad Tale of Hel

Once upon a time, a game called Hel: The Last Saga promised a narrative and cooperative experience about Vikings navigating a hostile, supernatural world. Regrettably, not even Odin’s mighty hand could save it from the poor decisions and delays that plagued Mythic Games.

 Hel: The Last Saga

Those who requested a refund might as well be stuck in Hel(h) themselves, cast away in a realm of eternal waiting and ignored pleas. Another lost soul in the world of mismanaged Kickstarter projects, never to find respite in the halls of Valhalla.

A Sinking Ship and an Industry in Turmoil

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the board game industry and crowdfunding are a match made in heaven. However, infusing unrealistic expectations into unsuspecting backers can quickly turn utopia into dystopia. All it takes is a poor business model, lack of communication, and the ever-tempting notion to grab cash and run.

Angry man

Small indie designers must compete with the behemoths, while over-expectations and massive competition create a bloodbath of unfulfilled dreams. As the board game Kickstarter ship begins to sink, the rats start to jump – and Mythic Games may already be donning their life jackets.

The Wild West of Kickstarter

Despite various regulations and threats of removal, the murky world of Kickstarter remains a thriving marketplace of risk, reward, chaos, and calamity. As in the Wild West, lawlessness reigns supreme, and the unsuspecting down-fall victim to the whims of money-hungry outlaws.

However, not all Kickstarter projects are bad news. Hidden gems and successful campaigns exist, but precaution and thorough research are critical in navigating these treacherous waters. Double-check claims, run background checks, and Google like your life depended on it (or at least, your wallet).

The Cautionary Tale Continues

My courageous reader, thank you for joining me on this whirlwind tour of Kickstarter’s most bewildering aspects. I hope you’ve learned from these cautionary tales and will venture into the future with a more discerning eye and a heavier hand on your piggy bank.

Perhaps one day, the industry will stabilize, and we can all frolic through the meadows of successful campaigns and fulfilled promises. Until then, tread carefully and keep vigilant. Happy backing!

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