Treasured Board Game Collections: Discovering Hidden Gems and Unique Keepsakes

Treasured Board Game Collections: Discovering Hidden Gems and Unique Keepsakes

Board Games: The Prized Possessions in Our Collections

As we all navigate the complex and colorful world of tabletop gaming, each of us has encountered those special, standout games and components that hold a place dear in our heart – whether it’s a rare Kickstarter exclusive, an out-of-print gem, or that one game where the artwork was just a little bit off.

In this light-hearted and blatantly nerdy article, we’ll take an adventure through the strange and wonderful world of tabletop gaming collectorship. Let’s dive in!

Kickstarter Exclusives


For many board game enthusiasts, the lure of Kickstarter exclusives is too strong to resist. These beautiful baubles, often crafted in limited numbers, forever mark those who backed a project as the true vanguard of the hobby. One such example is the glorious custom 3D Settlers of Catan set, received as an anniversary gift by one lucky gamer (whose five-year-old had previously spilled milk on the regular set).

More About Settlers of Catan:

Settlers of Catan
For Players3-4
Time Duration60-120 Mins
For Age10+

Out-of-Print Treasures

“Forget the gold rush, land me a sweet, out-of-print board game!” – said many a player, probably. Games like Battlestar Galactica, Middle-Earth Quest, and Discworld: Ankh-Morpork are cherished by their proud owners, who enjoyed these rare gems while the rest of the world scoured eBay and local game stores in search of long-forgotten copies.

More About Battlestar Galactica:

Battlestar Galactica
For Players3-6
Time Duration120-180 Mins
For Age14+

More About Middle-Earth Quest:

Middle-Earth Quest
For Players2-4
Time Duration180 Mins
For Age13+

More About Discworld: Ankh-Morpork:

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
For Players2-4
Time Duration60 Min
For Age11+

Beloved Childhood Classics

The games of yesteryear hold a special place in our hearts – and in our collections. Classic games like HeroQuest, the handmade Aggravation board, and the LOTR Risk Trilogy Edition that routinely graced family game nights occupy prime real estate on many game shelves, waiting for the new generation to experience their magic.

More About HeroQuest:

For Players2-5
Time Duration90 Min
For Age14+

More About Aggravation:

For Players2-6
Time Duration45 Min
For Age6+

Marvelously Misprinted Oddities

Sometimes, a distinct misprint can make a game stand out. From Fluxx cards that give extra turns to those wearing tie dye, to the custom Alamo wonder made for a 7 Wonders fan, these quirky details show the character that can be hidden within odd editions.

More About Fluxx:

For Players2-6
Time Duration5-30 Mins
For Age8+

Genre Collections

For some, it’s not the individual games that matter but the collections themselves. From sci-fi and Civil War sagas, to the radioactive spirit of nuclear war, entire series hold a special place in the hearts of collectors.

Radioactive spirit of nuclear war

Homemade and Hand-Painted Marvels

The passion of the tabletop gaming community often expands into the land of artistry. Hand-painted miniatures, custom game inserts, and even homemade wooden boxes for beloved titles like Suburbia all demonstrate the lengths gamers will go to elevate their favorite pastimes.

More About Suburbia:

For Players1-4
Time Duration60-90 Mins
For Age8+

Signed Memorabilia from the Greats

Meeting the creator of a beloved game can be a humbling and awe-inspiring moment. When they not only sign your game but provide a special promo card – like Brandon Sanderson for the Mistborn: House War game – it’s worth boasting about.

More About Brandon Sanderson for the Mistborn:

Brandon Sanderson for the Mistborn
For Players3-5
Time Duration60-120 Mins
For Age13+

The Board Games that Made Us Who We Are

Ultimately, the true prized possessions in our collections are those games that have shaped us. Whether it’s a Terry Pratchett game that ignited literary passions or a copy of the classic “Magic sword” that’s been rigorously whittled by playtime battles, these are the titles that define our gaming lives.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it’s clear that the magic of board games extends far beyond winning or losing. It’s the collective stories, artistry, and positive energy that make these traditional gaming experiences truly special. With the vast number of cherished games and components out there, we can only imagine what other wondrous treasures await in the bustling world of tabletop gaming.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this lighthearted journey through some of the prized possessions in our board game collections. Until the next gaming adventure – happy rolling, shuffling, and strategizing!

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