Beyond Kallax: Creative Board Game Storage Solutions Explored

Beyond Kallax: Creative Board Game Storage Solutions Explored

Once upon a time, deep in the kingdom of Boardgametopia, a brave soul posted a query to the wise elders of the land…

“What do people use to store their board games that ISN’T Kallax? We have approx 300 board games that need better storage but we have quite a few that are bigger than the kallax sections will allow and I don’t want to store things on top.”

The wise elders responded in kind, offering a plethora of alternative storage solutions and experiences.

Oh, Kallax, the kingdom’s staple and crowd-favorite, a true warrior in the realm of board game storage. While its practicality is unquestionable, it’s understandable that some may seek alternative solutions for their ever-growing collections of board games.

Fear not, my fellow game-loving comrades, for today, I shall whisk you away into a magical exploration of the various methods to store your beloved collection, sans Kallax.

Creative Custom Units

Some avid collectors have decided to take matters into their own hands, designing and building their dream storage systems from the ground up.

“Designed my own. I measured out my space and did some math with pipe from Menards. Bought the wood, sanded, chamfered the edges, stained and poly.” – Ashley Hockema

Designing custom unit

Oh, the satisfaction of creating a one-of-a-kind shrine to house your beloved board games! If you’re handy with a hammer and have an eye for creative design, this could be the perfect solution for your board game storage woes.

The Many Wonders of Billy

IKEA’s Billy bookcase range offers another popular alternative to Kallax. With the option for deeper shelves and glass doors, Billy can store even the biggest of board game behemoths. Plus, the simplicity of the design is easy on the eyes and can fit seamlessly into most home decor.

“If you buy the deeper version of IKEA’s Billy then they fit all the games nicely, and you can buy doors for them so they don’t gather that much dust.” – Kimmy Hooper

Industrial Aesthetic

A blend of practicality and style, industrial pipe shelving units with wood boards provide a unique and customizable storage option.

Industrial pipe storage option

Adjustable Wire Shelves

For those who like to keep things flexible, adjustable wire track shelving could be the answer. Usually found in closets, these systems give you the freedom to reposition your shelves to accommodate those awkwardly-sized board game boxes.

Customizable Shelving Systems: Ivar and PAX

It appears that the wisdom of IKEA knows no bounds. The Ivar and PAX systems offer bespoke storage solutions, allowing you to tailor your board game storage to the exact dimensions of your space. From drawers for small card games to deep wardrobe shelves perfect for larger games, the possibilities are endless.

We use the Ivar system from IKEA. Totally modular and easy to customize. – Tiffany Sanders

The Humble Bookcase

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. Basic bookshelves can do the trick, but be mindful of their load-bearing capacity to avoid potential shelf collapses or bowing. Flipping the shelves occasionally can also alleviate some stress and prolong their lifespan.

“Basic, cheap, bookshelves. You have to flip the shelves occasionally, but they work.” – Rafael Figueroa

Other Ingenious Ideas

From making alterations to Kallax units by removing select dividers to storing board games in unique spaces like under the stairs, board game enthusiasts have gotten creative with their storage solutions.

“We use this oblong box type shelving unit. Fits perfectly under the stairs.” – Vincenzo Cece

And so, dear reader, the quest to find the perfect storage solution for your treasured board games continues. Armed with the wisdom of the elders and the advice of fellow adventurers, the world of non-Kallax storage is now open for your exploration.

May your board games be forever housed in practical, accessible, and visually pleasing abodes, and don’t forget to share your own storage finds with other fellow knights of Boardgametopia!

More About Kallax:

How many board games can KALLAX fit? Up to 50 large size board games.
How heavy can kallax hold? 13 KG per shelf
Is KALLAX good for toy storage? Yes, it could be used for toy storage.
Can you put KALLAX on the wall? Yes, it is possible to mount a KALLAX.
Can you wallpaper kallax? Yes, you can wallpaper a KALLAX shelf.

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