Board Game Crowdfunding Nightmares: Unfulfilled Promises and Broken Dreams

Board Game Crowdfunding Nightmares: Unfulfilled Promises and Broken Dreams

Crowdfunding Disappointments: The Games That Never Came

Ah, the world of crowdfunding – a wild west where dreams are born, wallets are emptied, and patience is tested. We’ve all had that one project that made us question whether we were backing a genuine creator with a brilliant idea or just helping fund another person’s pipe dream.

In this article, we dive into some of the biggest crowdfunding disappointments in the world of board games and beyond. So buckle up, grab some popcorn, and let’s explore the abyss of unfulfilled promises and shattered hopes.

Games that never came

Hel: The Last Saga by Mythic Games

Welcome to the world of Hel: The Last Saga, where communication is as scarce as the game itself. This is the story of backers waiting for their prized board game, only to be left questioning whether they’ll ever see it in the flesh. With the lack of updates and radio silence, it’s no wonder why Hel: The Last Saga is considered one of the worst crowdfunding disappointments.

Hel: The Last Saga
For Players1-4
Time Duration60-120 Mins
For Age18+

Tidal Blades 2

Another story of a game with promising potential, only to fall short in the communication department. Backers of Tidal Blades 2 were left in the dark as updates became increasingly sparse. Even more frustrating, the game’s creators seemed to have the time and energy to promote and produce a retail version, while their original backers still wondered if they’d ever receive their game.

Tidal Blades
For Players1-4
Time Duration60-120 Mins
For Age12+

Artisan Dice Polyhedral Sets

Talk about rolling the dice on this one. Backers of these dice sets were left waiting and wondering if they’d ever get their hands on the intricate and gorgeous dice they were promised. The lack of communication and delivery just left backers feeling like they got a critical miss on their investment.

The Haxson Fan Scam of 2021

Not board game-related, but still a noteworthy disappointment. The Haxson Fan scam had people purchasing futuristic-looking fans, only to receive…nothing. Consumers were left feeling the heat with no cool reward (or refund) in sight.

Sweet Mess

A sweet game turned sour as backers faced delays, poor communication, and overall frustration. Sweet Mess became a not-so-sweet mess as Fantasia Games had to step in to save the project while the original publisher failed to deliver on their promises.

Sweet Mess
For Players2-4
Time Duration45-90 Mins
For Age10+

Black Rose Wars by Ludus Magnus Studio

Broken games, horrific shipping practices, and a lack of quality control all contribute to the disappointment surrounding Black Rose Wars. With Ludus Magnus Studio constantly moving on to new projects without fulfilling their previous ones, it’s no wonder backers feel burned by their experience.

Black Rose Wars
For Players2-4
Time Duration90 Mins
For Age14+


Poor component quality can make or break a game, and in the case of Intrepid, the shoddy pieces left backers feeling underwhelmed. What could have been a challenging co-op experience turned into a frustrating battle against low-quality materials.

For Players1-4
Time Duration60-90 Mins
For Age13+

Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition

Mismanagement and horrible communication left backers in the dark about their Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition. Even worse, the creator had no tangible plan for fulfillment, making the supporters wonder if they were funding a lost cause.

Robinson Crusoe
For Players1-4
Time Duration60-120 Mins
For Age14+

Squarriors: The Card Game

Delivered late, unplayable, and abandoned by its creator, Squarriors is the epitome of failure. Frustrated backers were left feeling like they paid for a game that wasn’t worth the aggravation.

Now, let’s all take a deep breath and remember to keep our heads held high. There are countless success stories in the crowdfunding world, and one disappointment shouldn’t tarnish our belief in visionary creators. For every failed project, there are many more that come to life and bring joy to backers worldwide. And who knows? Maybe that ill-fated game may find redemption in a few years. But for now, let’s all grab our favorite board games, gather our friends, and enjoy some well-earned fun. Here’s to better luck on our next crowdfunding ventures!

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