The Zombicide: White Death Dilemma - Is it Worth the Cost?

The Zombicide: White Death Dilemma – Is it Worth the Cost?

Introduction to Zombicide:

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! Today, we shall embark on a wild and fantastical journey that will take us through the whimsical world of Zombicide: White Death by CMON. So grab your best board game buddy, your wallet, and maybe even a tiny samurai sword, because we are about to dive in deep into the dark underbelly of “another freakin’ Zombicide game”.


Chapter One: Tile Me a Tale

We all know that the heart and soul of any good Zombicide adventure is its phenomenal tiles. The tiles are the foundation upon which we base our epic battles against the relentless hordes of the undead. If you are like me, you cannot resist the allure of those sweet, sweet boards that let you build an entirely new world with each playthrough. And with Zombicide: White Death, the appeal is understandably hard to resist, with its mysterious Far-East theme and lush snowy landscapes.

But alas, like a scorned lover, our hearts ache as we long for those beautiful tiles, 3D walls, and seven samurai stands – only to realize that we have to sign up for the whole package to get the pleasure. Do we really need another wave of anime-inspired survivors and furry ninjas? Can our wallets, and sanity, handle the pressure?

Well, worry not my dear readers, because I am here to walk you through the ups, the downs, the ins, and the outs of this mind-boggling campaign, and maybe, just maybe, we can find the true meaning and value behind it all.

Chapter Two: The Steep Price of Adventure

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a good Zombicide campaign as much as the next person, but my wallet tends to tremble in fear with every new installment. My inner critic, dressed as a frugal accountant, questions if spending $402 (or £324 for our friends across the pond) on a single campaign is really worth it.

Empty wallet

Sure, we can break down the daunting total into manageable chunks (around $134/£108) over the course of three months through platforms like GameFound – but can we justify the cost? Especially when we also need to account for shipping fees and possible taxes (shudders)?

To answer that, let’s explore the content a bit more (while keeping an eye on our accountant).

Chapter Three: Rehash and Blast (or, When Zombies Attack… Again)

We’ve traversed the perilous lands of medieval Europe with Black Plague, faced the ghastly foes of Massive Darkness, and battled across a myriad of other Zombicide titles – but are we ready for yet another undead exploit in a new and exotic setting?

Zombies attack

Zombicide: White Death brings us to the unpredictable and isolated landscape of ancient Japan, where we must defend our fortresses against the relentless approach of the zombie hordes. The impressive 3D walls, winter-themed maps, and intriguing new mechanics might just have some people itching to get their hands on this latest installment.

But for others, the zombie shtick might be wearing thin and the temptation might be better spent on a completely different game. So, you need to ask yourself: Am I looking forward to some fresh zombie-slaying action, or is it time to face my Zombicide fatigue and focus on other exciting lands, like the realm of Massive Darkness, for my fantasy content?

Chapter Four: The Samurai That Broke the Wallet’s Back

Sometimes, all it takes is that one tantalizing character pack to send us spiraling down the rabbit hole of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). For Zombicide: White Death, that award goes to none other than the “Seven Samurai Character Pack”. But what if all you really want is this gem of a pack and maybe a few select items?

Seven Samurai Character Pack

Well, I’m here to tell you that life is not always fair, my friend. To get those coveted samurai, you must embrace the entire experience. After all, it wouldn’t be a CMON Kickstarter without that gnawing feeling of needing everything, now would it?

The Great Debate: To Stay or Walk Away?

Like all great epics, our journey through the convoluted labyrinth of Zombicide: White Death has been filled with moments of longing, frustration, and introspection. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve questioned our sanity – all in the name of one more unforgettable gaming experience.

But as we reach the end of our quest and prepare for our ultimate decision, remember this: there will always be more games, more adventures, and yes, more Zombicide. So, whether you choose to dive headfirst into the snowy massacre that is White Death or to walk away, seeking alternative paths and new horizons, your story is far from over.

As for another lighthearted, lengthy, and in-depth analysis of the finer points of board gaming? You can always count on me to navigate those treacherous waters with you, dear reader. Until then, may your dice roll true and your wallet stay strong!

More About Zombicide (White Death):

Release Date2024
For Players1-6
Time Duration30-180 Min
For Age14+

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