Top 5 Suitcase Sized Board Games for Wedding Fun

Top 5 Suitcase-Sized Board Games for Wedding Fun

Cross-Country Wedding Game Quest: The Search for Suitcase-Friendly Entertainment

Picture this: You’ve been invited to an out-of-town wedding, and it’s your mission to bring the life of the party in the form of tabletop entertainment. The catch? The game must fit in your suitcase, accommodate at least six players, and not be a typical “party game.” Well, fear not! We’re here to help you navigate this cross-country wedding game quest.

In this article, we’ll dive into some game options that tick all your boxes: they’re small, medium-complexity, and suitable for a minimum of six lively wedding attendees.

Plus, we’ll sprinkle in some personal anecdotes and opinions to help you decide which game best suits your festive needs. Let’s begin!

Sub Terra: The Spelunker’s Delight

Since you mentioned Sub Terra as a possibility, let’s start there. This cooperative game casts players as a group of cavers working together to escape an underground labyrinth. The rules are simple enough but can lead to some fascinating strategic choices. And yes, it fits in your suitcase!

Sub Terra
For Players1-6
Time Duration60 Min
For Age10+

But hey, why bring just one game? Variety is the spice of the party, after all! Let’s explore some more options.

Ethnos: The Fantasy Strategist’s Dream

Ethnos is a quick-paced strategy game set in a world filled with mythical creatures, where the players are vying for control. Turns are snappy, and with a playing capacity of six, it boasts a healthy serving of competition. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of world domination? Go on, bring this one along and let your friends unleash their inner fantasy warlord.

For Players2-6
Time Duration45-60 Min
For Age14+

Camel Up: The Betting Aficionado’s Betting Aficion

Camel Up is a hoot of a game that involves betting on racing camels. Players take turns rolling dice to determine the camels’ movement, all while trying to outsmart their fellow gamblers and maximize their winnings. With support for up to eight players, this little gem is an exhilarating ride that is bound to liven up your friend’s wedding.

Camel Up
For Players3-8
Time Duration30-45 Min
For Age8+

Citadels: The Cunning Builder’s Haven

Traveling cross-country for a wedding? Why not build a city while you’re at it! Citadels is a classic, medium-complexity game that involves drafting characters with unique abilities and constructing buildings to amass points. Designed for two to seven players and compact enough for your suitcase, it’s an ideal choice for a wedding-friendly, strategy-packed soiree.

For Players2-8
Time Duration30-60 Min
For Age10+

Cartographers: The Mapmaker’s Mecca

If drawing cards and designing maps sounds like your idea of fun, look no further than Cartographers. This unique roll-and-write game can be easily tailored to accommodate various player counts, making it a great option for groups of six or more. And hey, let’s be real: there’s something undeniably satisfying about creating a stunning map from a blank canvas.

For Players1-100
Time Duration30-45 Min
For Age10+

The Suitcase Saga Solved

And there you have it! Five diverse, fun, and suitcase-sized games that will guarantee memorable moments at your friend’s wedding. Of course, there are countless other options out there that may suit your specific needs even better, so don’t hesitate to explore the awesome world of gaming beyond this list.

Stay tuned for possible future content delving into the intricate nuances of wedding board game etiquette, or perhaps an in-depth exploration of the ins-and-outs of packing the perfect suitcase-sized game collection. Happy gaming!

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