Mastering the Art of Board Game Crowdfunding Decisions

Mastering the Art of Board Game Crowdfunding Decisions

Introduction: Taking the Plunge into Crowdfunding

We’ve all been there, browsing through Kickstarter or Gamefound campaigns, looking at a game that has caught our eye, and asking ourselves the big question: Do I back this? It’s a complex decision-making process, and there’s much to consider before throwing our hard-earned money at something that we may not see for months, or even years. But fear not, dear reader, for this article will guide you through the nitty-gritty of deciding whether to back a game or not by exploring our fellow gamers’ insights – all shared in a wonderfully lighthearted fashion, might I add.

The (Un)importance of Reviews

Some of us may find ourselves asking if watching reviews of a game is worth our time when deciding whether to back a campaign. Well, opinions are divided among our fellow gamers. Some swear by reviews as a way to get firsthand impressions of a game, while others completely dismiss them, arguing that they don’t really influence their decision one way or the other. The key takeaway here is that reviews may not be the be-all and end-all of the decision-making process. After all, what might be the holy grail of board gaming to one person could be an absolute snooze fest to another.

Importance of Reviews

Components, Mechanics, and the Alluring Aesthetics of a Game

If reviews aren’t influential, what is? You guessed it – components, mechanics, and the overall look of the game are crucial factors. A visually appealing game with high-quality components and an interesting blend of mechanics has the power to persuade many a wandering gamer to put their money on the line. But as one wise gamer said, deciding whether a game will eventually make it to the table is just as important when deciding to back it or not. A beautiful game is of little use if it sits on the shelf, collecting dust.

Mechanics of a game

The Role of Playthroughs and How-To Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely watching a playthrough or a how-to video must be worth a million. Many gamers find these videos extremely helpful when deciding whether to back a game, as they give an in-depth perspective on the gameplay and the way various mechanics interact with each other. Plus, watching a playthrough can be a fun experience on its own – think of it as window shopping for your next favorite game.


Trusting the Track Record

Another factor that some gamers consider when backing a game is the history of the creators, publishers, and designers involved in its development. Trusting the people behind the game can be just as important as trusting the game itself. Companies with a solid track record and proven success in crowdfunding can be a significant influence in the decision-making process. You may even develop a sense of brand loyalty, gravitating towards certain companies and creators due to their consistent quality and reputation.

Record Insights

To Back or Not to Back?

Ultimately, the choice to back a game on Kickstarter or Gamefound comes down to personal preferences, research, and sometimes sheer curiosity. Each prospective backer follows their own process, assessing components, mechanics, publisher history, and occasionally even watching those pesky reviews. Regardless of the method, the journey of deciding whether to back a game can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. And who knows, perhaps this article may just inspire a newfound interest in exploring the world of crowdfunding, or even offer some guidance for your next daring plunge into backing the game of your dreams. Just don’t forget to take your wallet with you – those shiny components and alluring gameplay mechanics won’t pay for themselves.

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