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Playing Alone, Winning Big: Best Solo Board Games 2023

Something is intriguing about playing board games alone. Instead of joining a group, solo players are choosing to enjoy tabletop games all by themselves. But why pick solitary play over sharing the excitement with friends? The answer is in the special kind of enjoyment that solo board games offer. They involve careful planning, immersive stories, and the great feeling of winning.

Think about solving a mysterious puzzle alone or leading a struggling space colony against all odds. With each turn of a card or roll of a dice, solo board games create exciting stories where your clever thinking and ability to adapt lead to victory. So, in this article, we’re diving into the world of the best solo board games that have captured the attention of those who prefer to play alone.

Comparison Chart

<strong>Unbroken Board Game</strong>

Unbroken Board Game

  • Golden Bell 
  • Fantasy
  • Involves dark fantasies
<strong>For Northwood! Board Game</strong>

For Northwood! Board Game

  • Giga Mech
  • Tactical
  • Precision-trick taking game
<strong>Warp's Edge Board Game</strong>

Warp’s Edge Board Game

  • Renegade Game
  • Galaxy
  • Includes a choose-your-path storybook
<strong>Maquis Board Game</strong>

Maquis Board Game

  • Giga Mech
  • Wargame
  • Free the land from oppressors
<strong>Final Girl Core Box Board Game</strong>

Final Girl Core Box Board Game

  • Van Ryder
  • Movie
  • A game combined with a movie theme
<strong>Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition Board Game</strong>

Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition Board Game

  • Polymath
  • Paleontology
  • Multiple ways to win the game
<strong>Eleven Football Manager Board Game</strong>

Eleven Football Manager Board Game

  • Portal Games
  • Strategy
  • Managing an entire football team
<strong>Aerion Board Game</strong>

Aerion Board Game

  • impatience
  • Dicing
  • Inventing flying ships
<strong>Star Trek Adventures Board Game</strong>

Star Trek Adventures Board Game

  • Modiphlus
  • Galaxy
  • Story-driven solo gameplay
<strong>Dimension: The Brain Board Game</strong>

Dimension: The Brain Board Game

  • Thames & Kosmos
  • Strategy
  • Can carry it in your pockets on the go

10 Best Solo Board Games

1. Unbroken Board Game

Golden Bell Studios
  • Survive deadly levels, craft weapons, and seek vengeance in an immersive solo adventure.
  • Experience 20-30 minutes of strategic thrills, battling monsters, and making crucial decisions.
  • Choose from unique classes to face diverse foes, ensuring replayability.
  • Every choice matters, enhancing the immersive narrative and challenge factor.
  • Dive into the world with an online orchestral soundtrack and captivating lore.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard 
Playtime 20-30 minutes
No. of Players1
Theme Fantasy 

Unbroken emerges as a true gem. Let’s take a moment to draw a comparison to another notable solo contender, Friday. While Friday offers a challenging deck-building experience, Unbroken stands tall with its gripping dark fantasy narrative and relentless exploration.

Unbroken isn’t just a game; it’s a heart-pounding journey through a deadly dungeon where you’re the sole survivor of a disastrous expedition. As you navigate four treacherous levels, battling various monsters and crafting weapons, your thirst for vengeance fuels your determination. The gameplay, lasting around 20-30 minutes, packs a tension-filled punch, offering a quick yet immersive experience that solo players crave. 

This game’s standout feature lies in its unforgiving nature – every decision matters, and every action carries consequences. The stark fantasy narrative keeps you on your seat, rooting for your solitary survivor’s triumph. With easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels, Unbroken caters to various levels of players, from those seeking a casual challenge to die-hard strategists. 

Our Recommendation

Unbroken doesn’t just embrace the solitude of solo play; it revels in it. With its gripping narrative, challenging gameplay, and unique mechanics, Unbroken transforms into an unforgettable journey for tabletop enthusiasts.


  • Engaging Narrative
  • Strategic Depth
  • Diverse Gameplay
  • Quick Sessions


  • Involves a few gimmicks 

2. For Northwood! Board Game

Giga Mech Games for Northwood
  • Unify Northwood’s kingdom through nuanced conversations with animal rulers.
  • Rulers’ suits double as trumps, adding strategic depth to gameplay.
  • Win exact tricks to sway rulers; difficulty intensifies as options dwindle.
  • Command allies with unique skills, reshuffle or manipulate cards for advantage.
  • Multiple difficulty levels, diverse rulers, and scenario challenges ensure endless puzzles.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard 
Playtime 20 minutes
No. of Players1
Theme Tactical 

Embarking on a solo tabletop adventure often calls for strategy and finesse, a realm where “For Northwood!” reigns supreme. Let’s draw parallels to another captivating solo contender, “Sprawlopolis.” While “Sprawlopolis” offers innovative city-building challenges, “For Northwood!” unfolds as a nuanced hand management and trick-taking triumph, immersing players in the delicate art of diplomatic unification.

In a solo hand of cards, “For Northwood!” tasks you elegantly uniting Northwood’s fractured kingdom through persuasive conversations with its diverse animal rulers. Over eight rounds, you traverse the fiefs, engaging each ruler in dialogue – a clever twist on traditional trick-taking mechanics. The rulers’ suits double as trumps, adding strategic depth to your decision-making. 

You command a cadre of allies, each bearing a unique ability that can be strategically harnessed once per visit. These abilities, from reshuffling your hand to manipulating your cards, provide tactical advantages in achieving the target score. Notably, “For Northwood!” introduces a captivating twist: victorious rulers can temporarily replace your allies, bolstering your arsenal with specific skills to tackle the more arduous fiefs.

Our Recommendations

“For Northwood!” isn’t just a game; it’s a masterful dance of strategy and precision. This solo hand-management and trick-taking marvel invites players to elegantly navigate the complexities of diplomacy while uncovering new challenges in every session.


  • Nuanced Diplomacy
  • Tactical Abilities
  • Strategic Challenge
  • Variable Gameplay


  • Initial rules comprehension.

3. Warp’s Edge Board Game

Renegade Game Studios
  • Command starfighters against enemy fleets and motherships in daring cosmic battles.
  • Choose from 4 starfighters, each with unique loadouts and strategies.
  • Reset position after each warp, gaining skills for progression.
  • Personalize experience with engaging narrative choices.
  • Designed for Solo Heroes aged ten and up, 30-45 min sessions.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
Playtime 30-45 minutes
No. of Players
Theme Galaxy 

“Warp’s Edge” emerges as a celestial gem. Let’s parallel its thrill to the captivating “Deep Space D-6 journey.” While “Deep Space D-6” excels in tactical decision-making, “Warp’s Edge” thrusts players into a unique blend of starfighter combat and strategic progression, inviting them to pilot their destiny amidst the stars.

In “Warp’s Edge,” you command a starfighter deep within enemy territory, confronting fleets and an ominous mothership. With four starfighters to choose from, each boasting unique loadouts, your selection greatly shapes your gameplay strategy. 

Step into the shoes of a Solo Hero, aged ten or older, for a riveting 30-45 minutes of gameplay. The beauty of “Warp’s Edge” lies in its fusion of strategy and progression – each warp recalibrates your approach, while diverse starfighters and evolving skills keep the gameplay engaging. The compact playing time ensures repeat plays without overstaying their welcome. 

Our Recommendations

“Warp’s Edge” is a starlit odyssey that elevates solo play to celestial heights. With its unique starfighter selection, captivating warp mechanic, and personalized storytelling, it promises a dynamic and immersive experience for every aspiring Solo Hero.


  • Dynamic Progression
  • Personalized Narrative
  • Strategic Starfighter Selection
  • Quick, Engaging Play 


  • Not too much replayability

4. Maquis Board Game

Maquis Board Game
  • In tactical missions, engage in la petite guerre, place agents, and liberate occupied France.
  • Sabotage trains, publish newspapers, and evade patrols while achieving objectives.
  • Immersive solitaire experience with rapid decision-making against adversaries and time.
  • Strategically position agents to outwit oppressors in a riveting battle for freedom.
  • Utilize tools and agents strategically for triumphant guerilla operations.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard 
Playtime 30 minutes
No. of Players1
Theme Wargame 

Step into the resistance, where the spirit of defiance burns bright in the heart of occupied France. If you’re a fan of captivating solo board games like “Onirim,” brace yourself for an even more immersive experience with “Maquis.” While “Onirim” challenges players to navigate a dream world, “Maquis” plunges you into the daring world of la petite guerre, igniting a flame of rebellion against oppressors.

In “Maquis,” you’re not just a player but the linchpin of the resistance, orchestrating covert operations to liberate your homeland. This solitaire worker-placement gem entwines strategy and risk, demanding quick thinking as you place your agents across town to achieve critical goals – sabotaging trains, disseminating underground newspapers, and more. 

The thrill of “Maquis” for solo players lies in its tactical depth and nail-biting decision-making. You’re thrust into a high-stakes battle of wits against the clock and adversaries in approximately thirty minutes. The game’s ingenious blend of variable goals keeps each playthrough fresh, and the constant peril of arrest adds a layer of urgency. 

Our Recommendations

“Maquis” is more than a game; it’s an immersion into the clandestine world of resistance. If you’re seeking a riveting solo experience that combines strategic placement, risk management, and a heart-pounding race against time, this game is a must-have.


  • Tense Solitaire Gameplay
  • Variable Objectives
  • Immersive Theme
  • Strategic Depth


  • No Multiplayer Option

5. Final Girl Core Box Board Game

Final Girl Core Box Board Game
  • Become the final girl, confront killers to survive in a movie-themed experience.
  • The core box combines with the Film Box for gameplay.
  • Immersive slasher film trope: defeat remorseless killers for survival.
  • Feature Film Boxes offer varied scenarios, each with a unique killer and setting.
  • Shuffled for unique experiences, test strategies against different killers and locations.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
Playtime 20-60 minutes
No. of Players1
Theme Movie 

Enter the thrilling realm of horror with the “Final Girl Core Box,” a game that shares its atmospheric intensity with the chilling “Hostage Negotiator.” While “Hostage Negotiator” immerses players in high-stakes crisis management, “Final Girl Core Box” unleashes the essence of iconic slasher films in a riveting solitaire experience.

In this heart-pounding game, the player becomes the resilient female protagonist, grappling with the relentless threat of remorseless killers. However, a unique twist on the genre emerges – survival hinges on the protagonist’s ability to confront and defeat the slasher. With a distinct synergy of movie theme and gameplay mechanics, “Final Girl Core Box” seamlessly intertwines tension and strategy.

Prepare for the ultimate movie night as each Feature Film Box unveils a new killer and location, enriching the game’s replayability with various chilling scenarios. Engage in 20-60 minutes of gripping gameplay, where each decision carries weight, each confrontation is a gamble, and each victory is a testament to your resourcefulness in the face of danger.

Our Recommendations

If you’re a horror fan and crave a solo gaming experience that thrills like the best cinematic suspense, “Final Girl Core Box” is your ticket. With its innovative blend of movie-inspired themes, tactical depth, and unpredictable combinations, this game offers a thrilling solitaire adventure.


  • Movie-Themed Immersion
  • Varied Scenarios
  • Strategic Survival
  • Replayability


  • Requires Expansion

6. Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition Board Game

Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition
  • Turn your hobby of collecting fossils into a career and create an interesting natural history museum.
  • Find themed ending bonuses like fossils, skeletons, and trace fossils via your excavations and studies.
  • Strategy, learning, and speed in card drafting, bluffing, and set accumulation.
  • Built with the Field Museum in mind, this set includes an informative brochure and a puzzle with a central theme.
  • Compete against others (with 1-6 people) or play alone (with 1-4 players) in “Cretaceous Creek.”

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard 
Playtime 20-30 minutes
No. of Players1-6
Theme Paleontology 

Explore the ancient world in “Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition,” a game with all the same fun and learning potential as the classic “Dinosaur Island.” “Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition” puts you in the role of a fossil-hunting paleontologist on a quest to establish the most compelling natural history museum. In contrast, “Dinosaur Island” puts you in charge of a dinosaur-themed amusement park.

This card game is great for the whole family since it takes you to the exciting realm of paleontology while being informative and strategic. You may get points in several ways as you explore the fossil record, piece together skeletons, and discover new information about trace fossils. Fun for players of all ages is guaranteed by the game’s seamless integration of various elements, such as card drafting, set accumulation, bluffing, and more.

“Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition” is more than a game because of its educational and entertaining features. Players are immersed in a trip through paleontology thanks to the game’s adherence to scientific correctness, inclusion of educational information, and the added advantage of wooden puzzle pieces for jigsaw puzzle scoring. 

Our Recommendations

Explore the past and experience the excitement of paleontology with “Fossil Canyon Deluxe Edition.” This game is highly recommended because of the excellent balance it strikes between strategic play, educational material, and fun for the whole family. Collect fossils, build museums, and experience the thrill of discovery while having a ball!


  • Amusing Learning
  • Varied Scoring
  • To the Familia
  • Both Co-Op and Single-Player Options


  • Use the Movie Theater mode to access the whole game.

7. Eleven Football Manager Board Game

Eleven Football Manager Board Game
  • Develop and lead your football club to league domination and triumph.
  • Enhance team skills through training and astute player transfers. 
  • Expand stadiums to secure sponsorships for club growth.
  • Introduces surprise cards for twists during crucial moments.
  • Solo players rise from small club to Division 1 in 30 minutes.

Board Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
Playtime 30 minutes
No. of Players1-4
Theme Football

Get ready to step onto the strategic playing field of football management with the “Eleven Football Manager Board Game,” a title that rivals the excitement of “Top Eleven.” Just as “Top Eleven” places you as a football manager overseeing your team’s rise to glory, “Eleven Football Manager Board Game” immerses you in the intricacies of club management, training, transfers, and tactical decisions to dominate the league.

In “Eleven Football Manager,” you’re not merely a spectator but the mastermind behind a football club’s journey to greatness. Embrace the exhilaration of developing your club’s potential through astute transfers, player training, stadium expansion, and securing lucrative sponsorships.

For solo players, “Eleven Football Manager Board Game” offers an immersive experience as you rise through the ranks in the Solo Campaign, leading your small club to Division 1 triumph. With a streamlined 30-minute playtime, the game allows you to relish the tactical intricacies of football management without committing to marathon sessions. 

Our Recommendations

Are you ready to embark on a journey from underdog to league dominator? “Eleven Football Manager Board Game” is your ticket to the exhilarating world of football management. The game’s essence is magnified through the “Unexpected Events” expansion, introducing cards that throw unexpected challenges and opportunities onto the pitch at pivotal moments.


  • Immersive Strategy
  • Varied Gameplay
  • Quick Sessions
  • Surprise Factor


  • The growth takes too long

8. Aerion Board Game

Aerion Board Game
  • Collaborate to build majestic airships by gathering blueprints, resources, and crews.
  • Utilize dice rolls to meet card requirements for airship completion.
  • Enhance gameplay with versatile expansions offering varied challenges and gameplay mechanics.
  • Dive into a surreal world where airship dreams take flight.
  • Tailored for 1-2 players, a quick 15-minute journey through the skies.

Board Game Specifications

Material Plastic 
Playtime 15 minutes
No. of Players1-2
Theme Oniverse 

You can set sail for the enchanted realm of dreamy adventures with the “Aerion Board Game,” a name that captures the spirit of “Onirim.” “Aerion” puts you in the role of an air-shipwright tasked with creating the most compelling fleet to sail the skies of the Oniverse, much like “Onirim” immerses gamers in a surreal trip through dreams.

In the cooperative dice-rolling adventure “Aerion,” you take on the role of an architect of the sky with your fellow players. Like “Onirim,” which has players navigating a dreamscape, “Aerion” has players banding together to build the best airships possible by sharing plans, collecting materials, and assembling crews. 

Feel the excitement of building flying machines with a little dice-rolling strategy. Players work together to build their fleet, roll dice to fulfill card criteria and finish airships before time runs out in this exciting cooperative game. With its base game and six expansions, “Aerion” is adaptable and fun to play repeatedly. 

Our Recommendations

The “Aerion Board Game” is the place to go for a collaborative challenge with a touch of surreal imagination. Explore a universe where airship engineering and dice-rolling tactics coexist. Whether playing alone or with a friend, this game is perfect for your adventuring needs.


  • Cooperative Excitement
  • Dice Strategy
  • Versatile Expansions
  • Quick Gameplay


  • Limited replayability

9. Star Trek Adventures Board Game

Star Trek Adventures Captain's Log
  • Solo roleplaying with streamlined 2d20 rules, fostering drama and exploration.
  • Solo, collaborative, or gamemaster-assisted options for diverse play experiences.
  • Lifepaths and roles beyond captains, delving into varied Star Trek characters.
  • A Star Trek primer, technology, society, and era insights for narrative depth.
  • Choose from four era-inspired covers embodying the essence of Star Trek.

Board Game Specifications

Material Paper
Playtime 1 hour 
No. of Players1
Theme Galaxy

Dive into the captivating universe of solo roleplaying with the “Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game,” a title that stands alongside the best in the genre, such as “Alone Against the Dark.” While “Alone Against the Dark” immerses players in a thrilling Lovecraftian adventure, the “Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game” catapults you into the expansive realm of Star Trek, offering a unique blend of storytelling and roleplaying.

Featuring a streamlined 2d20 ruleset, the game offers a plethora of avenues to explore the Star Trek universe. Much like “Alone Against the Dark,” which introduces solo players to the mysteries of the unknown, the “Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game” lets you craft your own Star Trek narratives in a solo setting. The game fosters drama and intrigue through its story-driven solo gameplay, providing a safe space for players to immerse themselves in the rich lore of the Star Trek universe.

From lifepaths and roles for a variety of characters, including those beyond Starfleet captains, to the option of solo, collaborative, or gamemaster-assisted play, the game ensures a flexible and immersive experience. Embrace the extensive guidance on rule implementation and story crafting, enabling you to command your starship or starbase in the rich tapestry of Star Trek history.

Our Recommendations

Embark on an interstellar journey with the “Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game.” Whether you’re a seasoned Star Trek fan or a solo roleplaying enthusiast, this game promises an engaging blend of rule-driven gameplay and imaginative storytelling.


  • Solo Storytelling
  • Flexible Gameplay
  • Inclusive Characters
  • Extensive Primer


  • Specific Theme

10. Dimension: The Brain Board Game

Dimension The Brain Game to Go
  • Solo puzzling game for on-the-go mental challenges, offering over 200 puzzles.
  • Easy to learn, puzzles become more intricate as you advance.
  • Pocket-sized game with a transparent container that doubles as play space and storage.
  • Slide and match colorful balls to solve patterns, enhancing spatial awareness.
  • Engaging for all, perfect for solo puzzlers seeking quick mental stimulation.

Board Game Specifications

Material Plastic 
Playtime 15 minutes
No. of Players1
Theme Puzzle 

Experience brain-teasing entertainment wherever you go with “Dimension: The Brain Board Game,” a title that resonates with the engaging charm of “Onirim.” Like how “Onirim” immerses players in a captivating world of dreams and puzzles, “Dimension” challenges you with solo puzzling adventures that evolve in complexity as you progress.

Delve into the captivating realm of solo puzzling with “Dimension.” This pocket-sized game offers an accessible learning curve that gradually elevates the challenge level with each puzzle. Much like “Onirim,” where dreams become more intricate with every card drawn, “Dimension” keeps you engaged with over 200+ puzzles, each demanding strategic thinking and spatial awareness.

The genius of “Dimension” lies in its fusion of gameplay and compact design. The game’s simplicity enhances its appeal as both the play space and component container. Slide and manipulate colorful balls through the game’s transparent container to match various patterns. The compact size and ease of play make “Dimension” a perfect travel companion, ensuring mental stimulation and enjoyment.

Our Recommendations

Elevate your solo puzzle-solving journey with “Dimension: The Brain Board Game.” Whether new to solo puzzling or a seasoned enthusiast, this game offers an engaging challenge that evolves as you progress.


  • Portable Puzzling
  • Progressive Challenge
  • Compact Design
  • Spatial Awareness


  • Limited Gameplay


When playing solo board gaming, every dice roll, card draw, and strategic manoeuvre is a journey embarked upon alone yet filled with boundless excitement. The world of solo board games unveils a universe where you can be the lone hero, the ingenious tactician, and the masterful architect all in one. 

From the spine-tingling depths of dark dungeons to the soaring heights of imaginative galaxies, these games offer entertainment and an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of your mind.

So, whether you’re immersing yourself in the mysterious quests of “Unbroken,” sculpting ancient airships in “Aerion,” or challenging your intellect with the portable enigma of “Dimension,” the world of solo board games is an ever-expanding canvas awaiting your unique strokes of strategy and creativity.

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