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I’m always on the lookout for games that combine unique gameplay with exceptional artwork so when i came across Purge: Sins of Science on Kickstarter, I knew it was right in my wheelhouse.  While it’s true there are plenty of space/alien themed games out there,  the stunning artwork and the “real time strategy” game mechanic set it apart from any other game.  The designer, Matt Johnson, from Nova Forge Enterprise was kind enough to answer a few questions about the game.

Purge: Sins of Science is billed as the first “real time strategy” game.  Can you give us a brief explanation of what that means and how it fits into the gameplay?

All popular TCGs or CCGs are considered turn based. In turn based systems of play each player performs a given set of actions within a predetermined sequence (ie. different phases in a turn). To prevent the game play from becoming methodically rote, variance is introduced through randomized drawing of game elements. The Real Time Strategy model developed for PURGE: Sins of Science allows players to operate outside the confines of a pre-ordered set of actions which must be performed in a redundant manner.  PURGE allows players to determine the order and execution of their available actions while eliminating the random introduction of game elements into play. The end result is a fluid set of rules which grants players different planes of strategical thinking. The existence of turns in the RTS model serves primarily as a timekeeping function.

Did you go into designing this game with artwork in mind or did it develop as a result of designing the game?

The game design and illustrations/story line were really two independent thoughts that were merged together. The marrying of the two, both in form and function,  required a fusion of many different concepts.

What was the biggest obstacle in bringing Purge: Sins of Science to the masses?

To get the word out about purge to as many gamers as possible! Sales means nothing without the interest and support of the community.

Any other games in the pipeline or are you focusing solely on Purge?

We are currently looking into a few other projects. Some including the PURGE brand. Miniatures and board games may be in the future depending on how well the Kickstarter campaign does.

Thanks to Matt for taking the time for this Q&A.  If you’re on the fence about getting in on the kickstarter project, the early bird special has been increased so that  the first 400 backers at any level will receive double the reward tier quantity at no additional cost. This applies to extras and card creation as well.  See the Kickstarter for details

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