Expensive Fantasy Board Games Showdown: Middara, Oathsworn, and Kingdom Death Monster

Expensive Fantasy Board Games Showdown: Middara, Oathsworn, and Kingdom Death Monster

A Tale of Expensive Board Games: Middara, Oathsworn, and Kingdom Death Monster

Let me take you on a journey, one filled with mighty battles, treacherous paths, and above all, a never-ending debate about which really expensive board game to buy. Because, let’s face it, life’s too short to play only budget-friendly board games, right? So, today we’re diving into the complex world of three fantastic fantasy games – Middara, Oathsworn, and Kingdom Death Monster – to try and answer the eternal question: Which one should I get?

Expensive Fantasy Board Games

WARNING: This article is filled with opinions, tangents, and a hefty dose of humor. Proceed at your own peril.

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act I


Unboxing the Anime-infused Adventure

Middara is like walking into your favorite sushi bar, but instead of sushi, they’re serving up a tantalizing array of anime-inspired artwork, character progression, and surprisingly in-depth storylines. The game takes you on a whirlwind adventure of dungeon crawling, turn-based combat, and exploration across a unique world. It’s the gaming equivalent of binge-watching an entire anime series in one sitting – equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.

The Delicious Filling – Character Building

Where Middara stands out from the pack is its fantastic character building and progression. Each of the playable characters has multiple paths they can take, and players can mix and match abilities to create a unique combination of powerful heroes. It’s like building a customizable sushi roll from scratch – except it’s an overpowered magical being instead of a spicy tuna hand roll.

More About Middara:

Rating 8.7
Player Required 1–4 Players
Playing Time 60 Min
For Age 15+

Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood


An Oath to Tell More than Just a Story

Oathsworn is like that beautifully aged and intricate tapestry you see at a museum, telling a story of epic battles and heart-wrenching trials remarkably seamlessly woven in. As you traverse through the immersive world of Deepwood, you’ll need to make harrowing choices and face unimaginable foes as you build a compelling narrative that’s thrilling from start to finish.

Choose Your Own Adventure – A Tapestry of Choices

In addition to its engrossing story, Oathsworn boasts a unique “choose your own adventure” approach to gameplay, where your decisions will ultimately shape the ending of your campaign. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book on steroids, offering more in-depth characters, higher stakes, and a chance to flex your decision-making muscles.

More About Oathsworn:

Player Required1-4
Playing Time30-90 Mins
For Age14+

Kingdom Death Monster

Kingdom Death Monster

A Monstrous Undertaking

Kingdom Death Monster is like visiting a haunted house mixed with a butcher shop. It’s gruesome, disturbing, and exceptionally challenging – but in the best possible way. The core of the game revolves around battling massive, horrifying monsters, facing potentially deadly consequences, and, of course, plenty of flipping the table moments.

A Brutally Challenging Experience

If you’re looking for a metaphorical punch to the gut, Kingdom Death Monster is your game. It’s incredibly difficult, and your campaigns may collapse under the weight of a terrible die roll, but its addictive gameplay and nearly insurmountable challenges will keep you coming back for more.

More About Kingdom Death Monster:

Player Required1–4 Players
Playing Time60–180 Min
For Age17+

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

It’s tough to make a definitive call with games as complex and nuanced as these, but let’s take a stab at it anyway:

If you’re a self-proclaimed JRPG or anime-enthusiast looking for an expansive and character-packed adventure, take a swooping dive into the fantastical world of Middara.

If storytelling and choice-driven narratives are your jam, then pledge your allegiance to Oathsworn and journey forth valiantly into the mysterious Deepwood.

And if your primary goal is to prove your gaming prowess by conquering the most brutal and challenging game on the market, step into the blood-soaked ring with the heavyweight champion – Kingdom Death Monster.

So, there you have it – a hopefully helpful (and humorously crafted) guide to the wild world of expensive fantasy board games. And hey, if none of this helps you decide, you can always flip a three-sided coin and see where fate takes you. Or, you know, add Aeons Trespass Odyssey to the list and make that choice even harder…

Until next time, fellow board game enthusiasts. May your table-flipping moments be few and your victories abundant. And stay tuned for when we dive even deeper into the world of expensive board games, exploring every nook, cranny, and wallet-draining goodness that lies beneath the surface.

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