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Adventure Awaits: Dive into the Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games

As their name suggests, Dungeon crawler games revolve around exploring dark and mysterious dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Players take on the roles of brave heroes, each with their unique abilities and strengths, as they navigate treacherous terrain and confront formidable foes. 

These games blend strategy, role-playing elements, and a dash of luck to create an electrifying adventure where the outcome is never certain. In this article, we’ll embark on a quest to uncover the best dungeon-crawler board games that promise to ignite your imagination, test your mettle, and provide countless hours of tabletop excitement.

Comparison Chart

Karak Board Game<strong> </strong>

Karak Board Game 

  • Fantasy Game
  • Competitive role-playing for young games
<strong><em>Core Space Board Game</em></strong>

Core Space Board Game

  • Space
  • Missions are linked with detailed campaigns 
<strong><em>HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Board Game</em></strong>

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Board Game

  • Horror
  • Exciting ways to expand the space
<strong><em>Patatrap Board Game</em></strong>

Patatrap Board Game

  • Fantasy
  • Featuring an actual mirror tower and removable trapdoors
<strong>League of Infamy Board Game</strong>

League of Infamy Board Game

  • League
  • Disgraceful mission to kidnap a cute baby
<strong><em>HeroQuest Kellar's Keep Expansion Board Game</em></strong>

HeroQuest Kellar’s Keep Expansion Board Game

  • Wargame
  • The cards and booklets feature incredible artwork 
<strong><em>Fapeto Board Game</em></strong>

Fapeto Board Game

  • Fighting
  • Involves dice rolling, fighting miniatures, 
<strong><em>Cthulhu Death May Die Board Game</em></strong>

Cthulhu Death May Die Board Game

  • People
  • Investigating nightmare-like monsters
<strong><em>The Lord of the Rings Board Game</em></strong>

The Lord of the Rings Board Game

  • TV & Movies
  • Jon forces to help Frodo make his way across Middle Earth 
<strong><em>Zombicide Board Game</em></strong>

Zombicide Board Game

  • Horror
  • Using weapons to defeat the enemies

Top 10 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games

1. Karak Board Game

Karak A Dungeon Crawler
  • Each game unveils a unique dungeon maze, ensuring replayability.
  • 30-minute playtime keeps players actively immersed in the adventure.
  • Perfect for kids aged 7+ and their families, fostering inclusive gameplay.
  • Players assume the roles of heroes battling monsters for valuable treasures.
  • No long waits; the game keeps everyone involved and excited.

Game Specifications

No of Player2-5
Playtime 30 minutes
Theme Fantasy 

Imagine you’re gathered around the dining table with your family, the aroma of dinner wafting through the air as you contemplate your next move in dungeon crawlers. In this fantasy realm, where epic quests await, the Karak Board Game emerges as a shining gem, perfect for young gamers and their families. When compared to the classic Dungeon! board game, Karak offers a unique blend of competitive role-playing adventure and a dynamic gameplay experience that sets it apart.

Now, let’s dive into what makes the Karak Board Game a standout choice for adventurers of all ages. This fantasy-themed gem caters to 2-5 players and boasts a speedy 30-minute playtime – a perfect match for those seeking an engaging but not overly time-consuming adventure. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, it’s an accessible and family-friendly introduction to Dungeon crawling. 

Players assume the roles of courageous heroes and heroines, braving the treacherous maze by revealing new tiles, engaging in epic dice battles with monsters, and collecting valuable treasures. Karak’s quick-paced gameplay sets it apart – no one waits long for their next turn, and the tides can turn instantly. This keeps players engaged and on their toes, making for memorable and dynamic encounters.

Our Recommendation

Karak shines as a fantastic option for families and young adventurers in dungeon-crawler board games. With its accessible gameplay, unique dungeon generation system, and quick pace, it offers an exciting experience that can captivate players of all ages.


  • Engaging for families.
  • Quick gameplay.
  • Varied dungeon layouts.
  • Suitable for young adventurers


  • Limited strategic depths

2. Core Space Board Game

Battle Systems Core Space
  • Players become Traders navigating a dangerous galaxy.
  • Choose your playstyle, from rivalry to teamwork.
  • Link missions for a rich, interconnected storyline.
  • Quality terrain and neoprene mat for a cinematic experience.
  • Play solo or expand to 6 players for dynamic adventures.

Game Specifications

Material Neoprene 
No of Players2-6
Playtime 30 minutes
Theme Space 

Picture this: you and your fellow spacefarers, navigating the difficult cosmos, seeking fortune while constantly being hunted by ruthless adversaries. In the realm of science fiction miniatures board games, Core Space emerges as a thrilling contender, ready to challenge the likes of Star Saga. With its rich narrative and cooperative gameplay, Core Space offers an immersive experience bound to captivate fans of the genre.

Designed for 1-6 players, it combines competitive and cooperative modes, allowing you to choose your path in the treacherous galaxy. Missions can be seamlessly linked through a detailed campaign system, ensuring an interconnected and epic storyline. The game accommodates 1-2 players in the core set but expands to accommodate up to 6 players, with additional Trader crews available separately.

What truly shines about Core Space is the quality pre-printed terrain and the immersive 2’x2′ neoprene-backed mat. These components transport you into the universe’s heart, making every game feel like a cinematic space opera. While it may initially seem complex, the rules are well-crafted and intuitive, ensuring that players can dive into the action without excessive learning curves.

Our Recommendations

Core Space shines as a stellar choice for both competitive and cooperative gameplay. Its captivating narrative, flexible player count, and top-notch components make it a must-have for fans of space-themed adventures.


  • Rich storytelling.
  • Versatile gameplay.
  • Immersive components.
  • Expands player count.


  • Learning curve for beginners.

3. HeroQuest Board Game

Hasbro Gaming Avalon Hill
  • Explore a frozen world filled with monsters and deadly traps.
  • Includes 21 finely crafted, unpainted miniatures, adding visual depth.
  • Ten thrilling quests with suspenseful narratives and full-color tiles.
  • Ideal for 2-5 players, striking a balance between depth and accessibility.
  • Craft your stories and quests, adding endless adventures to the HeroQuest universe.

Game Specifications

Material Plastic
No of Players2-5
Playtime 40 minutes
Theme Horror

HeroQuest, a beloved classic in the dungeon crawler genre, is back with The Frozen Horror Quest Pack. This expansion breathes new life into the HeroQuest universe, making it an exciting choice for enthusiasts looking to expand their collection. Compared to the timeless Dungeons & Dragons board game, HeroQuest offers a more accessible and beginner-friendly experience, perfect for those eager to dive into the world of tabletop adventures.

As a supplement to the HeroQuest game system, it introduces players to a frozen, otherworldly realm filled with 21 finely detailed unpainted miniatures, including Frozen Horror, Barbarian, Ice Gremlins, Polar Warbears, and Yetis. The expansion boasts 10 thrilling quests, each unfolding in a beautifully illustrated booklet, drawing players into a narrative filled with suspense and wonder.

The HeroQuest game system, including this expansion, accommodates 2-5 players, making it an ideal choice for cozy gaming nights with friends or family. The gameplay, with an average playtime of 40 minutes, strikes a balance between depth and accessibility. It’s easy for newcomers to grasp yet provides ample room for strategic thinking. 

Our Recommendations

HeroQuest’s The Frozen Horror Quest Pack breathes new life into a cherished classic, offering a chilling and immersive experience perfect for newcomers and seasoned adventurers.


  • Immersive storytelling.
  • Beautifully detailed miniatures.
  • Accessible for newcomers.
  • Expansive replayability.


  • Miniatures require painting (for hobbyists).

4. Patatrap Board Game

Space Cow Patatrap Quest
  • Explore the 1000-Mirror Tower of Patatrap castle.
  • Strategy and memory combine as players collect equipment.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up, it is ideal for family game nights.
  • A physical mirror tower and removable trapdoors enhance immersion.
  • Average 20-minute playtime, perfect for quick and entertaining sessions.

Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
No of Players2-4
Playtime 20 minutes
Theme Fantasy 

You’re a daring adventurer, ready to explore the mysterious 1000-Mirror Tower of the Patatrap castle. As you navigate treacherous trapdoors and gather equipment for your final clash with the evil creature, Patatrap delivers a whimsical take on Dungeon crawling. When compared to the classic Dungeon! Board game Patatrap offers a unique and family-friendly experience for kids 6 and older.

One of Patatrap’s standout features is its immersive design. The game includes a mirrored tower and removable trapdoors, adding a tactile dimension to the adventure. It’s an excellent choice for families seeking a fun, interactive experience that encourages memory skills and strategic thinking. With its replayable adventures and whimsical fantasy setting, Patatrap is a game that brings joy to adventurers of all ages.

Designed for 2-4 players, it boasts a brisk average playtime of approximately 20 minutes, making it a perfect addition to your gaming repertoire. The gameplay is simple yet engaging: players must move their character pawns clockwise around the tower’s trapdoors, applying the effects of the mirrors they encounter. 

Our Recommendations

Patatrap is a delightful and engaging adventure game for families, offering a unique twist on Dungeon crawling. Its accessibility, quick playtime, and interactive components make it a fantastic choice for kids and adults.


  • Family-friendly fun.
  • Interactive components.
  • Engaging strategy.
  • Quick gameplay.


  • Limited depth for experienced gamers.

5. League of Infamy Board Game

Mantic League of Infamy
  • Embrace your inner rogue in a humor-filled quest.
  • A blend of teamwork and betrayal keeps the game dynamic.
  • 20-minute playtime for fast-paced, unpredictable sessions.
  • Kidnap cute babies, steal eggs, and thwart goody-goody Elves.
  • Perfect for larger groups, encouraging alliances and betrayals.

Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
No of Players3
Playtime 20 minutes
Theme League 

Up to five players may enter a world where nefarious crimes and filthy thieving are the order of the day in League of Infamy, which is sometimes cooperative but always naughty. In contrast to the seriousness of Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, the Dungeon crawling in League of Infamy is a lot more fun and chaotic.

The game is designed for three players and has a 20-minute runtime, making it ideal for rapid, intense sessions. The players take on the roles of villains who want to abduct innocent infants, steal their eggs, and foil the good intentions of the Elves in this lighthearted and irreverent role-playing game. It’s a fun variation on the typical hero story that lets players release their dark side.

The gameplay in League of Infamy is exciting, with a dynamic balance between teamwork and betrayal. Players must cooperate, yet treachery is possible at any time, creating an intriguing element of surprise. Alliances are as precarious as they are vital due to the cutthroat character of the game. 

Our Recommendations

The cooperative dungeon crawler League of Infamy is full of mayhem and good times. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind concept, fast-paced action, and shifting alliances, it’s perfect for those who want to channel their inner bandit or scoundrel. 


  • Unique, humorous theme.
  • Quick and dynamic gameplay.
  • Engaging player interaction.
  • Suitable for larger groups.


  • It may lack strategic depth for hardcore gamers.

6. HeroQuest Kellar’s Keep Expansion Board Game

Avalon Hill HeroQuest Kellar's
  • Venture into a mysterious underground world with fresh adventures.
  • Seventeen finely detailed unpainted miniatures, including orcs and goblins.
  • Engaging quests with full-color tiles and artifact cards.
  • Create your stories and quests, adding depth and creativity.
  • Perfect for 5 players, with a brisk 30-minute average session.

Game Specifications

Material Plastic 
No of Players
Playtime 30 minutes
Theme Wargame 

The first expansion for the Avalon Hill dungeon crawler board game HeroQuest, Kellar’s Keep, allows you to accomplish that precisely. Kellar’s Keep expands upon the original HeroQuest by adding extra content, such as more quests, monsters, and bosses.

The Kellar’s Keep Expansion adds ten new, fascinating missions to the HeroQuest game, complete with full-color tiles and artifact cards that will challenge players in ways they haven’t before. The game’s endless replayability is its crowning achievement. It enriches the HeroQuest setting and inspires players to develop their tales and adventures, promoting imagination and immersion. 

The game is designed for 5 players and takes 30 minutes to complete, making it ideal for people looking for fast-paced adventures. The addition adds visual depth to your tabletop with 17 exquisitely sculpted unpainted miniatures of orcs, goblins, and abominations.

Our Recommendations

The HeroQuest Kellar’s Keep Expansion adds extra depth and excitement to the original game, making it even more of a fan favorite. Fans wishing to continue their HeroQuest adventures will find this expansion invaluable because of its intriguing missions, detailed miniatures, and limitless imagination.


  • Expands HeroQuest universe.
  • Detailed miniatures enhance immersion.
  • Diverse, engaging quests.
  • Encourages player creativity.


  • Limited to players of the core HeroQuest game.

7. Fapeto Board Game

Fapeto More Than A Simple
  • It is a faithful remake with modern updates for a new generation.
  • Simple rules with dice mechanics for beginners and veterans.
  • One player guides others through quests and challenges.
  • Diverse quests, monsters, and expansions for endless replayability.
  • Refreshed artwork, character models, and a world map enhance immersion.

Game Specifications

Material Paper, Cardboard
No of Players2-5
Playtime 90 minutes
Theme Fighting 

Enter the world of “Hero Quest,” a remake of the beloved fantasy dungeon crawler that has stood the test of time. With Hasbro and Avalon Hill at the helm, this reincarnation stays true to its roots while introducing modern updates. Compared to the classic “Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon,” “Hero Quest” brings nostalgia and fresh excitement to the tabletop realm, offering a gateway to the Dungeon crawling world.

With an average playtime of 90 minutes, “Fapeto” offers engaging and immersive adventures. The Dungeon Master’s role involves controlling opponents, crafting the heroes’ journey, and setting up the board. The inclusion of expansions like “The Frozen Horror,” “The Mage of the Mirror,” and “Rogue of Elethorn Hero” ensures that the game’s replayability knows no bounds. 

Now, let’s explore what the “Fapeto Board Game” brings. Designed for 2-5 players, it allows one player to step into the Dungeon Master’s shoes, guiding others through quests filled with orcs, zombies, and classic fantasy tropes. The game’s simplicity shines through its dice-based mechanics, where players roll mobility and combat dice while hunting for traps and hidden passages.

Our Recommendations

“Fapeto Board Game” is a nostalgic and updated take on the classic dungeon crawler, “Hero Quest.” Its blend of simple mechanics, engaging quests, and modern updates makes it an excellent choice for those seeking an immersive tabletop adventure.


  • Nostalgic and modern.
  • Simple and engaging.
  • Expansive adventures.
  • High replayability.


  • The learning curve for the Dungeon Master role.

8. Cthulhu Death May Die Board Game

Asmodee Cthulhu Death May
  • Immerse in a world of cosmic dread and nightmarish monsters.
  • 1-5 players unite to thwart the ritual of the Great Old Ones.
  • Introduces new investigators and six nightmarish episodes.
  • Sacrifice or save the world with chilling consequences.
  • Offers a deep, immersive experience for seasoned gamers.

Game Specifications

Material Paper
No of Players1-5
Playtime 90+ minutes
Theme People

“Cthulhu Death May Die” emerges as a dark and gripping contender. This cooperative strategy game thrusts 1-5 investigators into a chilling world where the Great Old Ones threaten to unleash cosmic horror upon humanity. Compared to the macabre “Mansions of Madness,” Cthulhu Death May Die offers a more streamlined experience while immersing players in a battle against nightmarish monsters and the impending doom of a ritual.

The expansion “Cthulhu Death May Die – Season 2” adds further depth to the horror, introducing additional investigators and six more episodes filled with nightmarish monsters. The game’s atmosphere is enriched by its mysterious theme, immersing players in a world where cosmic dread is palpable. 

With a playtime of 90+ minutes per game, it’s designed for seasoned gamers seeking immersive narratives. Players take on the roles of investigators, tasked with interrupting the rituals of the Great Old Ones. This task is far from straightforward, as the game provides a harrowing twist – destroying the Great Old Ones might save the world, but it comes at a terrible cost.

Our Recommendations

“Cthulhu Death May Die” plunges players into a harrowing Lovecraftian nightmare filled with cosmic horror and desperate battles. Its immersive storytelling, deep strategy, and expansion content make it a captivating choice for gamers seeking an intense and suspenseful cooperative experience.


  • Immersive Lovecraftian atmosphere.
  • Cooperative strategy gameplay.
  • Expansions for added content.
  • Engaging narrative and strategy.


  • The steeper learning curve for new players.

9. The Lord of the Rings Board Game

The Lord of the Rings
  • Join Frodo in a cooperative journey across Middle Earth.
  • Roll dice and draw cards to overcome challenges.
  • Immerses players in Tolkien’s rich and beloved world.
  • Playable as a solo adventure or with up to four players.
  • A 50-minute playtime is suitable for both newcomers and veterans.

Game Specifications

Material Cardboard
No of Players1-4
Playtime 50 minutes
Theme TV & Movies

“The Lord of the Rings” is monumental compared to other board games. It’s a far different kind of horror than the classic “Arkham Horror,” yet it’s just as exciting. Players work together to aid Frodo on his dangerous trip across Middle-earth to destroy the One Ring rather than fighting eldritch enemies. The cooperative action in this game is an interesting spin on the traditional dungeon-crawler formula, and it helps to immerse you in Tolkien’s fantastic universe.

One of the game’s best features is how well it captures Tolkien’s universe, letting players experience the adventure they saw in the movies or read about in the novels. It perfectly portrays the spirit of cooperation and exploration as you and your other players work together to rescue Frodo. 

It’s a game that can be played alone or with a group of friends, with everyone chipping in to help defeat the evil Ringwraiths and preserve Middle Earth. Players must use strategy and luck to overcome the obstacles they encounter on Frodo’s journey. The game can be completed in under 50 minutes and provides a simple but engaging experience that players of all skill levels can enjoy.

Our Recommendations

Fans of Tolkien’s epic narrative will want to have “The Lord of the Rings Board Game” on their shelves. It’s great for solitary exploration and group escapades because of its accessible design, compelling narrative, and cooperative gameplay. 


  • Immersive Tolkien experience.
  • Cooperative gameplay fosters teamwork.
  • Solo and group play options.
  • Quick, accessible quests.


  • Susceptible to quarterbacking

10. Zombicide Board Game

CMON Asmodee Zombicide
  • Join forces with up to 6 players to battle relentless zombies.
  • Use weapons and unlock powerful skills to outsmart the undead.
  • Fresh artwork, rules, and design for a revitalized experience.
  • Fulfill mission goals within 60+ minutes or face dire consequences.
  • Immerse in a thrilling world of post-apocalyptic survival.

Game Specifications

Material Plastic 
No of Players1-6
Playtime 60+ minutes
Theme Horror

The war against the zombie hordes depicted in “Zombicide” is unrelenting. In contrast to the spooky “Mansions of Madness,” Zombicide is more of a survival horror shooter. Players aren’t tasked with solving puzzles but fighting off waves of deadly zombies in an endless battle for life. Like “The Lord of the Rings Board Game,” but with a more up-to-date take on the horror genre, this game fosters a feeling of friendship because of its cooperative aspect.

Tense moments in the game come from completing objectives and fighting off hordes of zombies as time counts. It’s a race against time, and losing even one survivor or not completing the mission’s goals might mean the end of civilization. “Zombicide” is a gripping and engaging experience that may keep players on the edge of their seats for up to 60 minutes every game.

It is designed for lone explorers and small groups, supporting 1-6 players. Players must work together to complete missions and fight off the persistent zombies in this cooperative game. Cooperation is your finest weapon, but strategic use of your talents and equipment is crucial. 

Our Recommendations

“Zombicide” is a must-try for everyone interested in a cooperative experience that will have their heart racing in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The second edition of Zombicide has all-new visuals, rules, and design to provide an engaging and modern experience for new and old players.


  • Heart-pounding cooperative gameplay.
  • Modern horror theme.
  • Updated second edition.
  • Provides a challenge.


  • Significant time investment for lengthy play sessions.

Final Words

A few gems shine brighter than the rest. “Zombicide” offers heart-pounding cooperative survival against relentless undead hordes. For those seeking a classic fantasy adventure, “HeroQuest” provides a nostalgic and accessible experience. These games capture the essence of Dungeon crawling and offer captivating gameplay that keeps adventurers coming back for more.

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